Making Use of Extra Mouse and Puck Buttons [TN]

 Version:V8 XM Edition
 Area:UI Customizations
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New functionality in MicroStation V8 XM Edition supports the use of extra buttons on a mouse or digitizer puck to call any MicroStation keyin without the use of a Cursor Button (or CB) menu.

Users of MicroStation (especially digitizer users) have long been familiar with the CB menu, a menu cell that allows the extra buttons on a digitizer puck to directly activate MicroStation keyins. Now that many brands of mice also come with extra buttons, an easier way has been developed to utilize them. MicroStation V8 XM Edition supports up to 12 "XButtons" that can be assigned to any MicroStation keyin. The user can then map any mouse or puck button to the desired XButton function.


This two step process begins by activating Workspace > Button assignments. A new Button Assignments dialog box appears.

Note that in addition to the standard Data, Tentative, Reset and Command functions, there are now 12 XButton functions that can be selected from the drop down menu. Once selected, the XButton can be assigned to any MicroStation keyin by typing that keyin into the "Action" box. Also note this box allows the use of any combination of the Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys in conjunction with the XButton, thus allowing up to 8 different commands to be assigned to each XButton. These settings are stored in ...\Workspace\interfaces\Buttons\default.btnmenu

Once the XButtons are set, prepare for the second step by clicking "Remap Buttons." This will bring up the standard Button Mappings dialog.

To map buttons in this dialog, click the desired selection in the Buttons column, place the cursor in the Button Definition Area at the bottom of the dialog and click the mouse or puck button you wish to assign to that function. Button mappings are stored in the user's preference file.

Note: In testing this with a Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0, the extra buttons were identified in the "Invoked" column as buttons 4 and 5.


When complete, the assignment logic goes as follows:

Mouse or puck button = XButton function = MicroStation keyin

Once setup is complete, the mapped buttons will directly activate the desired MicroStation keyins.

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