How to do Polycut or cope on Top Flange or Bottom Flange or Both Flanges using Polycut command?

Product(s):ProSteel CONNECT Edition
Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.xx.xx.xx)
Original Author:Sandip Kar, Facilities Engineering


In I Shape sometime we need to create manual Cope and it is not always that to be cut in both flanges. If we use Polycut command in Modify tool, using the existing polygon, it may cut both the flanges. but this can be managed easily in the tool itself, by choosing the right option, whether you need cut only in Top flange or Bottom flange or Both flanges.
This document will explain how you can able to create the cut in either flanges.


In the Modify tool under the Common tab, when used Polycut command there is one option as "Position" which will allow user to chosse on which flange Cut need to be create.

Under the Position, there are 3 different Options available, When you choose

Complete - Will create Cut on Both flanges
Upper half - Will create Cut only in Top Flange
Lower half - Will create Cut only in Bottom flange