Define Feature Definition DGNLIBs in Workspace (SS4)

Product(s):InRoads, MX, GEOPAK
Area: Basic Settings
Original Author:Jacquelyn Pettus, Bentley Technical Support Group



Where do I define my feature definition libraries in my workspace?


Feature definition libraries are defined in the variable, CIVIL_CONTENTMANAGEMENTDGNLIBLIST. To add a feature definition DGNLIB to this variable:

  1. Go to Workspace>Configuration in the MicroStation menu.
  2. Locate the variable, CIVIL_CONTENTMANAGEMENTDGNLIBLIST, in the list.
  3. Select Edit.  

  4. Change the Edit Mode to "Append" and add the file path to the DGNLIB you wish to add.

    You can also use a wild card to capture all DGNLIBs in the specified folder.

  5. Select OK.
  6. Save the configuration file.
  7. Exit and relaunch the product for the change to take effect.