Error - Title block name is invalid

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:Administration Features

Error or Warning Message

"Title block name is invalid" message appears when modifying or creating a new page.


This message means that the title block specified on the New Page or Modify Page dialog was not found in any of the currently "loaded" catalogs.

Note that the Title Block drop-down list is a "recently used" list and may contain title blocks that are no longer available.

How to Avoid

[[Add Catalog Path|Add the catalog]] containing the desired title block to the Catalog Paths area of the promis-e [[Setup]] dialog. 

Title blocks supplied with the software, such as those used in the tutorials, are contained in the JIC-3 (formerly the ANSI-IEEE catalog) and the IEC 2.1 catalog.  These catalogs are installed by default in the following folders:

If the catalog containing the title block is already loaded, eliminate spelling errors and obsolete names by browsing for the title block using the ellipsis button [...] instead of typing the name into the dialog or using the drop-down list.

If only one title block is listed on the Select Title Block dialog, remove the text from the Name field to clear the automatic filtering and display all the title blocks available in the active catalog paths.

See Also

[[Add Catalog Path]]

 Original Author: Matt_P