Error on Delete project - the page is open you can not delete

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:Project Management
 Subarea:Project Manager

Error or Warning Message

When attempting to delete a project, the following message is displayed:

The page named [page name] is opening, you can not delete the project for now.


One or more pages in the project being deleted is flagged as being open by a user. The software closes pages that are open by the user invoking the deletion, but it cannot close pages open by other users.

Note: the "page is open" flag is read from the project database.  In cases where this flag is not cleared, the design file for the page may no longer be open but the message still occurs upon backup.

How to Avoid

  1. Select the project in question in [[Project Manager]].

  2. In the list of pages typically on the right side of Project Manager, look in the User column.  If the User column is not visible, right-click any column header and select User on the resulting pop-up menu.

  3. Contact any users listed in the User column and request they close the page(s).  If a page indicated as open is not actually open, any user should be able to use Project Manager to open then close the page to clear the flag. See also [[User column populated for closed pages on Project Manager]].

 Original Author:Matt_P