W2164-173:Thickness is out of range of library limits for following pipes... message appears when us

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Nov 2022


The following appears in the model consistency check report:

 * * * W A R N I N G - MODEL * * *
W2164-173:Thickness is out of range of library limits for following pipes.

Pipe ID      Material    Thickness(mm)   Limit(mm)         Remarks
-------- ------------ --------------- --------------- -----------------
200.0P1      12CRMOVG          22.200          16.000 Higher than limit

How to avoid it and fix it?


This is a Warning to the user that the material properties given in the Code / Material library, specified on the General Model Options dialog, has a limitation for give material and wall thickness combination. 

In the example given above, the Pipe ID 200.0P1 uses a material called 12CRMOVG.

Take a moment to review the resource for this material information. 

Note: these instructions are only valid for default Material libraries.

1. Open General Model Options dialog and identify the Material Library setting for the model.

2. Open AutoPIPE help, navigate to the Code Dependent Pipe Material folder, and locate the CHINAGB.LIB Code Materials document.

3. In this document is a table of the materials and their respective resources used by the development team to construct the given library. Locate the material = 12CRMOVG.

4. Notice the Reference Standard Material, LC, Spec No, GB 5310, and the Thickness (mm) information, <= 16mm

5. Next , go back to the tree and open the Standard Pipe Materials folder, and select the CHINAGB.LIB Standard Materials document. 

This table will provide resource information for Thermal Expansion, and Young's Modulus. 

Therefore, if one was to review the reference information, GB 5310, the pipe properties used in the library are only valid up to a certain wall thickness. In this case 16mm. If the Pipe ID has a wall thickness greater than 16mm a warning is listed in the Model consistency check report. AutoPIPE will continue to use the current pipe properties for all analysis, however the user is warned that these properties are not valid for this wall thickness. 


The user must decide which course of action to take:

Option #1

Knowing that the material properties are not be correct for the give wall thickness, continue working and accept the warning. 

Option #2

Set the Pipe ID material to NS and enter updated material properties as needed on the PipeID dialog and Press/Temp/PipeID dialog.

Option #3

Update the material library and create a custom material library ( see WIKI here ).

Open an default SRC file installed with the program, add a new material with the correct properties, save as a different material file, compile the new material file into a LIB file, copy / move the newly created LIB file into the AutoPIPE's user profile Program Data folder, update the model's Material library selection on the General Model options dialog, and select the proper material for the given PipeID as needed. 

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