Keypoint snap does not appear to be snap

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 Environment: N\A
 Area: Line Styles
 Subarea: N\A
 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


Keypoint snap does not appear to be snapping to the correct location on elements using a custom linestyles.


Possible Reason:
The Linestyle definition has the Width value set to "None". However the element was placed with a width value. This will cause the width not to show on the element, but the locate logic will still find the width of the custom linestyle to snap to.

Possible Solutions:
1. Set the custom linestyle to have a "full" width setting, instead of "none". This will not work if it is intended for these styles to never have a width.
2. Do set a width when placing these styles. This may not be productive if a width for other style is needed.
3. Disable "Snappable" in the "Edit" menu of the Linestyle editor, when editing these styles (Recommended).

To Turn off "Snappable" for linestyles:

1. Open Line Style Editor (From menu pulldown: Element > Line Styles > Edit) [Line Style Editor opens].
2. Open Line Style (RSC) file.
3. Locate and highlight the Linestyle to change.
4. In the Line Style Editor, go to Edit > "Snappable" (uncheck the option)
5. Save the Line Style (In the Line Style Editor, go to File > Save)

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