Crash Occurs During Analysis

Product(s):MAXSURF Stability
Area:Stability analysis


Suppose our analysis get stopped in between due to unexpected error in Maxsurf Stability, can we restart the analysis from that point?


If a crash occurs during an analysis, a crash dump file (MAXSURFexe..dmp) will be created in user's local application data folder: %localappdata%\crashdumps (eg C:\Users\\AppData\Local\CrashDumps) Please zip up this file and include it with your support request along with the software version number and some information about what you were doing when the crash occurred and this will help up us identify why the crash occurred and enable us to prevent the crash occurring in the future.

Also MAXSURF creates backup files depending on the version you were using, there should be a temp file left which gets saved every few minutes. These are normally  deleted when the application closes normally but in the event of a crash these can be used to recover your model. They have the format: They are located in %temp% (eg C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp). The backup can be turned off or the time interval adjusted with registry settings.

lvcod64.dll error

This crash occurs in an external dll on the user's system - C:\Windows\System32\lvcod64.dll
This dll appears to be part of the Logitech Webcam Driver and is not something we can really do much about as the crash occurs in the logitech code for lvcod64.dll
It's possible that the user might be able to download an updated version from Logitech for their webcam that resolves the issue - or they might need to uninstall their logitech webcam driver completely to resolve the issue.

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