2. SELECTServer Licensing - AutoPIPE v.11.04 or lower



ii. SELECTserver being deprecated - Maintaining Your Licenses and Support FAQ (PDF)

Updated information

Comments, Questions, and Answers about Licensing AutoPIPE products

Be sure to review the following document installed with AutoPIPE:

          C:\ Bentley\ AutoPIPE V8i SELECTseries\ Quickstart_AutoPIPE.pdf

          C:\ Bentley\ AutoPIPE V8i SELECTseries\ Documents\ Quickstart_AutoPIPE.pdf

Or, see the following web page for a copy

Item #01. AutoPIPE Edition issues:

Item #2. AutoPIPE Demo mode issues:

Item #3. Check in / Check out Issues

Item #4. User Profile License Issues

Item #5. License Management Tool (LMT):

Item #6. Managing License issue:

Item #7, CONNECT, CLOUD, and Go To Portal Issues:

Item #8. Training / Trial / Trust / Evaluation License Issues:

Item #9: Subscription Programs Questions:

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