Switch electrical standard used by the software

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:Administration Features

After installing the software I see it is set to use the IEC standard, which I don't use. How to change it to the ANSI-IEEE standard?


During installation, the wizard presents a dialog for the person installing the software to choose the Standard. The default selection is IEC (metric), the other option is ANSI-IEEE (inch)

If the software is installed with the undesired standard chosen, this can be changed after installation without re-installing the software.

This article assumes the installation and configuration of the software were successful except that the "wrong" standard is being used.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Start the software and Open the [[Setup]] dialog.
  2. Note the values for the Server name and Database fields on the Project Database tab, or copy and paste them to a text file.

  3. Note the other settings on the Project Database tab. A screen shot can be helpful.

  4. Click the arrow button on the Setup configuration field to choose the desired setup configuration.

  5. Enter or paste the Server name and Database values noted in step 2.

  6. Configure any other settings on the Project Database tab as noted in step 3.

  7. Check the other tabs of the Setup dialog. It may be necessary to [[Add Catalog Path|add catalog paths]].

It is not necessary to create a new project database for each setup configuration or when changing to a different electrical standard.

 Original Author:Matt_P