How to create a Custom Seed file?

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.XX.00.XX)
 Original Author:Vyanktesh Nama, Bentley Product Advantage Group


What is a Seed file?

A seed file is essentially a blank MicroStation design file with the appropriate settings. Seed files help bring consistency to a project. When a DGN file is created, a seed file is identified as a template for the new DGN file. The new DGN file is a copy of the seed file containing the same settings and properties as that of the “seed”. This also includes any models, design graphics (geometry), reference file attachments, etc. It is because of this that organizations may have different seed files based upon department, discipline, or the type of content that will be in the DGN.
The seed file stores common settings like Global origin, Color table, working units, Text Styles, Dimension Styles, Views, View Presentation etc. that need to be carried through to all design files in an organization. Every DGN file we create in ProStructures is linked with a Seed file with these specific settings. Those settings are then applied to that DGN file which make easy to work in that DGN file with necessary settings. And this helps a lot working in DGN file.


There are two ways to create a custom Seed file.
1. By customizing the existing Seed file.
2. By customizing the existing or new DGN file.

Method I: By customizing the existing Seed file

There are some default Seed files available in the ProStructures of various type like 2D, 3D, Metric or Imperial. If you want to create a custom Seed file, then by customizing the default existing seed file is the better option to do that.
Please follow the below steps to achieve this.

1. Copy the required default seed file on the desktop because files under the Program Files are write protected.

2. Open the copied seed file under the ProStructures MicroStation CONNECT Edition Mode or Plain MicroStation.

3. Now, set all required settings according to your organization standard. Below are some basic settings or customization we can set in the seed file.

4. When everything is done, then Save the file with a new name and then click on the Save as well as Save Settings form the Backstage.

5. Now, copy this new seed file and paste in the default location of the ProStructures CONNECT Edition version. 

Default Path of Seed File: C:\Program Files\Bentley\ProStructures CONNECT Edition\ProStructures\Default\Seed\applMetric

6. While opening any new DGN file browse and select the newly created seed file.

Method II: By customizing the existing or new DGN file

The fastest and easiest way to create a Seed file is from an existing MicroStation or ProStructures design file with the appropriate settings. In MicroStation or ProStructures, copy the file with a new name and delete all the elements out of it and then customize all different settings according to an organization standard and place that DGN to default directory to use it for a new DGN files.

The Default location of the Seed files for the ProStructures CONNECT Edition version is located under
C:\Program Files\Bentley\ProStructures CONNECT Edition\ProStructures\Default\Seed\applMetric

In the below steps, I have shown some customization for the better understanding. Please follow the same.

1. Open a new DGN file by selecting required seed file. In this case, I am selecting Metric3D.dgn seed file. Or open the existing design file.

2. After opening the file, the Display Style was set Illustration Shadow now I have changed it to Wireframe mode. (If there are any elements are present in the existing design file, then delete all those elements and set your required Display Style for view presentation.)

3. In the Design File Settings under Working Units, I have changed the Accuracy from 0 to 0.123.

4. I have also created new Text Style as well as Dimension Style.

5. These are some changes I have made. You can set all other different setting as per your requirement.

6. When everything is done, then go to Backstage > File and here click on the Save button after this click on the Save Settings. You can also use shortcut keys, Ctrl+S for Save and Ctrl+F for Save Settings.

7. Now, save as this DGN file with required name. e.g. My3DMetricSeed. 

8. Copy this saved DGN file and paste it to the default seed file location. Please see the below image.

9. Now, while opening new DGN file browse and select the newly created seed file i.e. My3DMetricSeed.dgn.

10. When file gets open, please check the settings you have made in the seed file. In this case, we can see the correct Display Style, which was set to Wireframe mode, the Accuracy 0.123 in the Design File Settings, new Text Style as well as Dimension Style.

In this manner, from both the methods we can create a custom seed file that contains all required settings in it and start the modelling directly without wasting valuable time.

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