05a. What are the following Database files used for in the AutoPIPE folder?

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What are the following Database files used for in the AutoPIPE folder

asme2010.mdb, Flange_User_Data.mdb, FlangeDimLib.mdb, PipeLink.mdb, tempinp.mdb, tempres4.mdb, tempres5.mdb, tempres6.mdb, tempres7.mdb, USMapSsS1.mdb

Also, I would like to know which of the mdb data files within the Autopipe\Templates directors is used as a template for the result database used by the export routine.


Program files and definitions:

File nameDefinition / Usage
 asme2010.mdbFlange analysis material library file which contains the following data for the standard ANSI B16.5 and 16.47 flanges:
 Flange_User_Data.mdbThe ANSI Check Pressure Data dialog can be used to define and/or modify user-defined Pmax data when accessed using the "User Pmax" button on the Flange Analysis dialog
 PipeLink.mdbInformation used during Exporting/ Importing model with STAAD.
 tempres4.mdbThe Code Stresses grid below uses a specific style sheet. The results for this grid Group 1 -  15 is based on the Stress table defined in these MDB files.
 USMapSsS1.mdbThe Static Seismic ASCE-7 2010 code library look up table for spectral accelerations based on map location 

As mentioned in the online help:

The results grid data is stored in an MS Access 97 database MDB file. The MDB file is organized into six database tables equivalent to the result grid Tabs of Displacement, Force/Moment, Anchor, Support, and Code Stresses. An additional database table called Result Info stores company name, piping code and revision information.

To enable the user to save a "snap shot" of the current model results to a specified filename with file extension "MDB", an option "Results Database(*.mdb)" has been added to the File > Export menu. When this command is executed, the result data for all five results types shall be written to the MDB file. 


A. The formatting of the result grids is controlled by the following style sheets:

Displacement - stored in the "autopipe.diq" file.

Force/Moment - stored in the "autopipe.fmq" file.

Anchor - stored in the "autopipe.req" file.

Support - stored in the "autopipe.suq" file.

Stresses - stored in the "autopipe.st1" to "autopipe.st10" files.

B. The Results MDB file is derived from one of three template files - Tempres4.mdb, Tempres5.mdb, or Tempres6.mdb. The difference between these MDB files is the field definitions for the Stress Table corresponding to three groups of piping codes. Tempres4.mdb will be used for all piping codes except BS 7159 and the General piping codes. Tempres5.mdb will be used for the BS 7159 piping code only. Tempres6.mdb will be used for the General piping code only.

The Code Stresses Grid is formatted based on one of nine different style sheet files depending on the piping code - "autopipe.st1", to "autopipe.st10". The different style sheets are required because of code dependent column titles and copied to the working code style sheet "autopipe.stq".

Note, in the next version of AutoPIPE (v09.06.02.xx and higher) there will be major changes to the output report format and creating custom reports. 

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