Are OpenFlows products FEMA approved?

Product(s):PondPack, StormCAD, CulvertMaster, FlowMaster
Version(s):V8i, CONNECT Edition


Are Bentley's OpenFlows (water) products FEMA approved? If yes, which versions are FEMA approved?


StormCAD, PondPack (8.0 and higher, including V8i and CONNECT Edition) and CulvertMaster are FEMA approved. CivilStorm models using the EPA SWMM solver are also accepted by FEMA. Refer to FEMA's website

The use of FlowMaster is approved by FEMA for normal depth calculations to establish base flood elevations for Letter of Map Amendment and Letter of Map Revision based on fill requests along streams, creeks, and rivers designated as approximate Zone A on NFIP maps. (Note: FlowMaster is not on FEMA’s Nationally Accepted Hydraulic Models list.)


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