How to change linestyle scale in reference file

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 Environment: Windows 7 32 bit
 Area: Custom Linestyles
 Subarea: N\A
 Original Author:Judy Wong, Bentley Technical Support Group


How to change linestyle scale in reference file?
User is working on a DGN file which got a file reference to it.
There is a certain linestyle that she is having issue because she is not able to scale the linestyles.

Area: custom LineStyle


To change line style scale of references
To scale up or down custom line styles of an attached V8 reference:

1. Set the Level Manager to Overrides
2. Highlight the correct level from the reference attachment
3. Set the Style column to the existing line style in the file
4. Then right-click the level and go to Properties
5. From the Style tab, go to the Overrides section and adjust the scale to suit.
6. Finally, do a CTRL+B and turn on Level Symbology

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