Bentley I/RASB Toolbars Disappear

Applies To
Product(s):Bentley I/RAS B
Environment: N\A
Area: General
Subarea: N\A
Original Author:Frank McAllister, Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description

I have a problem with I/Rasb GUI. It requires me to load the toolboxes every time I go into I/Rasb and the settings cannot be saved and the raster file has to be reattached each time.

Steps to Resolve


  1. Exit out of I/Rasb and MicroStation.

  2. In Windows Explorer go to the C:\Program Files\Bentley\Home\prefs (folder where MicroStation and I/Rasb are installed.)

  3.  Delete or rename the irasb.upf file.

  4. Go into I/Rasb.

    I/Rasb toolbars should now stay where they are placed.