How to Close a Shape with a Mouse Click

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It is possible to map a key + mouse button combination to automatically close a shape while this is being created.

Steps to Accomplish

1. Open the "Workspace->Button Assignments" dialog

2. Select one key/button combination and replace the pre-assigned Key-In with "Close" in the "Action" field.

In the screenshot here below show the "close" key-in was associated to the "Shift+Reset" combination, which by default would be "Shift+Right Click", but other combinations are possible.


To close a SmartLine, which will then become a shape, the following key in can be used, instead of "close", in step 2:

reset;create shape manual;XY=#,#,#;XY=#,#,#;reset;place lstring

Currently two separate key-in are needed for Shapes and Smartlines and hence two separate key+mouse button combinations are required (e.g. "Shift+Reset" and "Alt+Reset") for using both short-cuts.

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 Original Author:Marco Salino