Exor listener processes are not currently running

 Product(s):Exor Server

Problem Description

Error message occurs: the listeners are not currently running


Make sure Exor listeners are not running. Start GRI9998 form, enter Repeat Count = 3 and Sleep Time 3, and run this form. On Spooled Output tab you will see an output. If it is like ‘GRI9998 : Testing GRI Server / Listener # ’ , it means that Exor listeners are running otherwise you will get “Highways by exor listener processes are not currently running” message and you need to start the listeners.

Before Exor listeners are started on server you need to set up some OS system variables and Exor User Option parameters according your Exor configuration.  In Exor, you need to set up the following user options:

  REPCLIPATH            the location of your exor\reports directory , e.g. x:\exor\reports\.  It is vital that the directory separator (‘\’ in NT, ‘/’ in UNIX) is included at the end of this directory path.

  REPOUTPATH          The value of the REPOUTPATH environment variable must point to the same physical location as the REPCLIPATH variable.

  REPSQLPLUS            sqlplus

  REPVEWTOOL          write

For the server side see https://communities.bentley.com/products/assetwise/exor/w/wiki/11991/how-to-set-up-exor-listeners

 Original Author:Renatas