How to add a new Annotation Scale to the Interface

 Subarea:DGN Settings

This article describes the process of how to add a new Annotation Scale to the interface.


The Annotation Scales available in the interface are being read from the active Scale Definition file as pointed to by the variable MS_CUSTOMSCALEDEF. By default the variable points to C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\Default\Data\scales.def

Thus in order to add/remove scales the definition file will need to be edited. This task should be left to your Site Administrator and it is not recommended to modify the delivered file, but instead add a new one to the organizations configuration at the appropriate level ( Workspace / Workset ... ).

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Locate the Scales Definition file *.def as pointed to by the variable MS_CUSTOMSCALEDEF
  2. Open the file using a text editor such as Notepad

  3. Add additional lines to represent the new required scales, for example to add a 1:1250 scale :


_[SYSTEM]_ ;     1000:1;      2      # 1:1000
1:1250 ;         1250:1;      2      # 1:1250
_[SYSTEM]_ ;     5000:1;      2      # 1:5000


  1. Save the Scales Definition file *.def
  2. Open MicroStation and check the availability of the new 1:1250 scale.

For additional information regarding the formatting, refer to the help section ' Customizing Scales in the Scales.def File '