Failed to copy payload error

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition


During the installation of MicroStation, the message "Failed to copy payload” error appears and the installation cannot be completed.


Option 1

The Pay load errors are often download related. Perhaps some components were not downloaded correctly.

Try to remove MicroStation by using the Windows Troubleshooter

 Next, create a Deployment image to download and install all MicroStation components:

MicroStation CONNECT - How to create a Deployment Image

 Remember to run the file microdation.exe as administrator.

Option 2

Create a new Windows system environment variable BeIFUseInternalResolver and set its value to 1.

BeIFUseInternalResolver = 1

Open the System> Advanced system settings> System Properties dialog from the Control Panel.

Create a new variable from the Advanced tab> Environment Variables> New button.

After creating the system environment variables, reinstall the MicroStation.

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