W2143-41: Undefined case referenced for concentrated force found at point.. message appears in AutoP

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Oct. 2018


The following warning appeared when performing a model consistency check:

* * * W A R N I N G - MODEL * * *
W2143-41: Undefined case referenced for concentrated force found at point at following point(s)

How to resolve and avoid it?


As indicated in the message, the problem is related to an issue with a concentrated load. Looking at the concentrated force tab on the input grids.

Now inspect each of the load cases mentioned in the Case column. 

Question:  For each row, does the load-case appear in an analysis set?

Answer: Open the Analysis Sets dialog to review the Analysis Set No. and the respective Load Cases column:'

In this example, notice that E3 was not analyzed. Therefore, open the analysis set and enable the check mark to Analyze the respective load case (ex. E3). 

Take note, load case E3 is grayed out; meaning that the load case has not been defined (user must define the load case before it can be analyzed). Upon inspection of the Static Earthquake dialog, it was found to be empty; hence why the warning message was display. 

Fix options (for example above)

Option #1: Assign a minimum of 1 earthquake load case, add E1 to an analysis set, and reassign the Concentrated Force from E3 to E1 before analyzing the model


Option #2: Assign a minimum of 3 Static Earthquake load cases and add E3 load case to an analysis set be for analyzing the model 

Question: What was the likely Cause for Warning message to appear?

Answer: Most likely reason was that the model DAT file was copied / transmitted without other supporting files. Best practice when coping / sending a file to a user; first safe the model to an archive (APC ) file format and then send the APC file (See AutoPIPE help, Search for "APC" for detailed information).

Another possible reason, all Earthquake load cases were deleted from the model without fully understanding what else may have been linked to them. 

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