Response Spectrum Analysis

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This page contains Wikis related to the Response Spectrum Analysis.

  1. Should I specify Response Spectrum in ALL directions in the same load case
  2. In base shear what is considered as the base
  3. I added dead+live load as seismic mass. Do I need need to define these loads separately too ?
  4. When Specifying Damping, the Displacements and Forces Remain Same
  5. How Does Ground Acceleration Scale Factor Work
  6. How to Input the Missing Mass Correction Command
  7. Rayleigh Method Calculate Natural Frequency
  8. The natural frequencies obtained during a Response Spectrum Analysis do not match the values calculated using the CALCULATE RAYLEIGH FREQUENCY command
  9. Spectrum Load Case Joint Failing?
  10. Base Shear Does Not Match the Summation of Shears
  11. No Unsupported Masses Entered Error
  12. Is Design Ground Acceleration Correct
  13. Missing mass – How to Consider
  14. Multiple Floor Spectrum Generation Block Not Allowed
  15. [[Response spectrum analysis with compression only springs]]
  16. [[Why are beam graphs not displayed for response spectrum load cases in STAAD.Pro]]
  17. [[Can I use the results from a response spectrum analysis as is or do I have to generate the results on a mode by mode basis and then do a modal combination to generate the results?]]
  18. [[Are beam section forces reported by STAAD.Pro for a response spectrum load case accurate?]]
  19. IS:1893 (Part-I)-2002 Response Spectrum Philosophy
  20. [[How do I use the CUT OFF MODE command?]]
  21. [[Calculation of story drift for response spectrum load case]]
  22. [[Scale Factor (f4) value for Response Spectra]]
  23. [[How Multiplying factor Vb/VB is taken into consideration in STAAD for IS1893 2016 code?]]
  24. [[Do we need to add Static Seismic Load cases additionally while performing Response Spectrum Analysis using IS1893(Part-1)2016 code?]]
  25. [[Torsional provision Consideration in IS 1893 (Part-1) 2016 Response Spectrum Analysis]]
  26. [[Direction Factor (f1, f2 and f3) for Response Spectrum load case for IS 1893(Part-1)-2016]]
  27. [[Scale Factor (f4) value for Response Spectra]]

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