02. Results (Output) Grids - AutoPIPE

Comments, Questions, and Answers AutoPIPE Result Grids:

Item #1:  Ability to export data to MS Excel or MS Access

Item #2: On the Code stress tab some of the combination results has the wrong units, example: from Result> Code Stresses> note units for PE Ring Def are inches.

Item #3: Input / Results grid are missing, reset location

Item #4: Can user control which columns to print in the "Reult Grid" mode?  All I am interested to see in the print out is the first eleven columns (SEG to GlobalFR inclusive). Can it be done?

Item #5: Results grids, Code Stress Tab is blank

Item #6: Select Results> Code Stress> Stress, the color map for the Stress range is displayed with a floating dialog displaying information, What is Sustained (Max) and Rest-Fun (Max)?

Item #7: How to calculate the values for all the calculated values on the AutoPIPE Results Grid> Code Stresses tab> i.e. Stress, Allowable, Pressure, Bending, etc.. 

Item #8: Why is there no moment column on the Results grid - support tab?

Item #9: After using Save-As command, after some modifications, pressing Results grids directly displayed the results from the original file and not the updated file newly created, why?

Item #10: What does the Local 1, Local 2 and Local 3 columns mean on the Results grid support tab?

Item #11: Are the Results grids results in Local or Global coordinate system when using AutoPIPE?

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