Get License Selection Dialog in ProStructures CONNECT Edition

 Product(s):ProStructures CONNECT Edition
 Version(s):Update-1 (
Original AuthorSandip Kar, Facilities Engineering


Sometimes one needs to change /Set the License in ProStructures. By default, with the launch of ProStructures, the License Selection dialog should appear. But if for any reason, the option "Don’t show this dialog at next start”  is enabled, then this dialog will not appear. In that case you manually need to invoke from the settings to get it appear. 

There is little change made in CONNECT Edition compared to V8i, from where it needs to be invoked.


When the dialog does not appear automatically, then you have following choices to get this displayed on the screen.

1. Go to Backstage, File > Settings > Configuration and then Go to Set License. By clicking one will get the License Dialog where can change the License..

2. Using Key-in - Use key-in command, “psmain change license" which will get back for you the dialog even without going to the backstage.

3. You can also use "Search Ribbon" by typing some keyword which will then open for you the dialog.