AutoPLANT to OpenPlant Conversion

The purpose of the site is to provide an AutoPLANT user with the training material needed to successfully convert an AutoPLANT project to an OpenPlant project. Links are provided below for training material and sample mapped OpenPlant work sets for the base AutoPLANT projects. Users will be required to review the materials as a prerequisite to the upgrade process. 

General Application Knowledge: 

The link above is the full administrator course. To do the conversion, you only need to understand the following topics from the Administrator manual: 

Project Administration - Page 14
Module Overview - Page 14
Creating OpenPlant Modeler Training Workspace and Workset - Page 15
Schemas and Class Editor - Page 33
OpenPlant Modeler Schemas - Page 34
Schema files, directories, and their relationship - Page 35
Reviewing the ISO15926 Schema class structure - Page 38
Class Editor - Page 41
Tabs - Page 42
OpenPlant Project Administrator Tools - Page 43
OpenPlant Project Administrator - Page 44
Associations - Page 44
Standard Preferences - Page 53
Component Tagging Customizations - Page 64
Customizing the Line Number Default Tag - Page 65
Changing a Tag Display - Page 68
Reports - Page 131
Reporting - Page 132
Creating New Reports - Page 134
PlantSight Basics - Page 137-147

AutoPLANT to OpenPlant Conversion

Application installations needed