Save as V8 or DWG merging reference levels that are off are being copied into the active file

 Version:V8, XM, V8i, CONNECT, 2023


When Exporting/Save As design files to V8 DGN or DWG, merging reference levels that are off are being copied into the active file. Resulting level display is incorrect when merging reference files during a save as to V8 or DWG. Want only elements on reference levels that are displayed to merge to cell or merge to master during "Save As" (to V8 or DWG)


In previous versions, if the reference level was not displayed, the reference elements would not be merged into the output file. Now, in versions & later, the reference merge process translates elements on levels even when the levels are not displayed. This change allows for a more complete output file, but has a direct impact on the setting 'Copy Levels During Merge' (see References tab on dialog).


While merging a reference file, the master file contains level 'Level 2' and the view display is ON. The reference file also contains level 'Level 2' but the view display is OFF. Additionally, the setting for 'Copy Levels During Merge' is set to 'If Not Found'. Since the levels from the master file are created first, the global display for 'Lev el 2' is set to ON in the output file. When the same level in the reference is encountered, the 'Copy Levels During Merge' setting was applied; because it was set to 'If Not Found' the reference elements were merged to the existing 'Level 2' in the active file. Therefore the former reference elements are displayed in the output file.


Set 'Copy Levels During Merge' to either 'If Overrides Exist' or Always as this resulted in the creation of a new level that both contained the reference elements, and retained the state of the reference level display. The 'Copy Levels During Merge' setting is well documented in both the help and existing TechNotes.

In addition, starting in version, you can set MS_MERGE_DISPLAYEDLEVELSONLY. When set, only the displayed levels will be merged when saving to V8 or DWG.

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