Creating A LandXML File With GEOPAK [TN]

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 Version(s): V8, 2004 Edition, V8 XM, V8i
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In order to share geometric data from one application to the next, GEOPAK has the ability to import or export chains and profiles from the Coordinate Geometry dialog to a LandXML file.

Exporting LandXML Data

Before beginning this process, ensure that you have acess to a GEOPAK GPK file that contains an alignment and/or profile to export.

    1.  Open GEOPAK Coordinate Geometry dialog.
    2. Select File > Export > LandXML 1.0 Geometry
    3. Key in the desired filename to create. 
    4. Set the Units.
    5. Set the Element Type to Chains and select the desired chain to export.
    6. If desired, enable the Export Profile(s) toggle and select the profile to export to the LandXML file.

  1. Select Export to complete the process.

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