Q. How do I Install, License, and Run AutoPIPE ATS (Automatic Test Set) 09.06 to 12.07?

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How do I Install, License, and Run AutoPIPE ATS (Automatic Test Set) 09.06 to 12.07?



1. Because of the significant amount of resources, not all versions of AutoPIPE are going to have an company ATS created. It may take 2-6 weeks after an AutoPIPE version is release before an ATS is available. The QA manager will ship a QA DVD containing all the software: AutoPIPE versions, ATS, etc.. to the designated person on your QA contract.  

2. Each release of an ATS version is specifically created for a specific version of AutoPIPE. Therefore, the ATS software version must match the AutoPIPE software version. Do NOT mix the versions of these applications as it will void the test results and may ultimately fail to run properly..

3. IF you are part of the QA&R program files cannot be downloaded from the internet. All applications must be installed from the media (i.e. CD, DVD) that was sent to your by the Bentley QA Manager. Any other method of installation will void the certification of the install under the QA&R program.

A. How to Install and License AutoPIPE ATS

Select the appropriate link below based on the version of AutoPIPE being installed:


AutoPIPE V8i v.

B. How to Run an AutoPIPE ATS

Find the following files under the AutoPIPE ATS folder:

READ and follow these files as they contain complete information about running the ATS and expected errors based on licensing.


1.The exact instructions for running the ATS can be found in the ap_ats.pdf document under "AUTOMATED SYSTEM PROCESSING METHOD".

2. Before running an ATS, highly suggested to disable the following features:

a. Show Welcome screen

Open Welcome to AutoPIPE dialog (File > License > Configuration) and uncheck box at the bottom left corner.

b.  CONNECT Advisor (AutoPIPE v.11.01 to 12.04.).  

Stop Connect Advisor from starting with AutoPIPE


If available, Turn off **RSS news-feed

open news feed dialog and uncheck box at the bottom left corner.

C. How to Uninstall an AutoPIPE ATS

Windows has feature to assist users with installing / removing applications, open that feature now:

After starting said feature, follow the proper steps required to uninstall the currently installed ATS application.  


After the application has been uninstalled, locate and manually remove the ATS installation folder as mentioned in readme file / release notes.  

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