Working with Location Groups and Saved Searches

OpenGround Cloud Professional allows for multiple groups of locations to be created, with mapping layers being associated to the groups for easy identification on the map.

Location groups are a very powerful and flexible way to zone a site or to reduce the number of locations that you are working with. Once a location group has been created it can be used to control which locations are shown on the mapping interface, but the most powerful feature is to be able to set the project filter box to only show data throughout OpenGround Cloud Professional that is included within the group.

This last point is worth explaining in a little more depth. If you created a group that contained all the trial pits and set the project filter to "Trial Pits" then all the data in the project explorer, including record counts and report views, would now only display data for the trial pits. This example can be extended to any way of grouping locations. Below are a few examples of how you may want to group your data.


 Creating from Map
 Creating from the Interface
 Creating Location Groups from Grids
 Editing Location Groups
 Saved Searches