Modelling a tapered pile

ApplicationPLAXIS 3D
VersionPLAXIS 3D 2016
Date created22 August 2013
Date modified22 August 2013

There are two options to model a massive tapered pile easily:

1. Using the cone

This shape of a tapered pile can be achieved by making use of the "cone" command.

1.1 Cone command

cone <base radius r_b> <height h> [<top radius r_t>] <point> <directionvector>


Hint: this is the command syntax since PLAXIS 3D 2016. For older versions, please see the attachment about modelling a tapered pile in PLAXIS 3D AE.

1.2 Soil structure interaction

When one wants to model soil-structure interaction, interfaces should be added:

1.3 Pile activation

This concludes the geometry creation. To activate the pile for the calculation, make sure to change the soil material inside the pile volume into the pile’s material in the appropriate phase including activation of the interfaces.

2. Import from CAD

Of course it is always possible to model the geometry in a third party CAD program and then import this geometry in PLAXIS 3D. See How do I import a geometry in PLAXIS 3D? for more tips on importing

After importing, make sure to add interfaces to properly model soil-structure interaction.


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