sisNET 2023 - Version - 27.11.2023

The following table lists the fixes and improvements of OpenUtilities sisNET 2023 with version number, released on November 27, 2023.

Release was built on PowerPlatform and OpenCities Map

The table is sorted by item ID.

OpenUtilities sisNET 2023 - version uses the Object DB version 10.0.7. This is the same version as in sisNET, which was released in October 2023, but newer than the versions used in older sisNET CE versions. Upgrading to sisNET from a sisNET version older than therefore requires a DB synchronization

The sisNET release contains the latest version of sisNET, sisFLOW, sisVIEW and sisIMS.

Release Notes IDNew Change Bug Description
731439X sisFLOW: The following functions have been released for DGN files that do not belong to the sisNET dataset (i.e. no job, pool, city or other file entered in the pool table):
•        FENCE DELETE - in the ribbon: Drawing/Start/Selection/Fence Tools/Delete fence content
•        DROP ELEMENT - Ribbon: Drawing/Start/Groups/Dissolve Element
•        DROP FENCE - Ribbon: Drawing/Start/Selection/Fence Tools/Dissolve Fence Contents
•        DIMSTYLE SET ACTIVE - Setting the dimension style of the MS element dimmension
1279349 XsisNET: When creating iModels, date attributes were not transferred correctly. This has been corrected.
1306834 XsisNET: The crash in some projects when creating iModells has been fixed.
1306839 XsisNET: Variable definitions in the .siscfg files were not processed correctly if there were no spaces before and after the equal sign. This has been corrected.
1309671 XsisNET: The preferences dialog (File - Settings - User - Preferences) opens without an error message.