Create custom isometric view orientation in ProStructures CONNECT Edition.

Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.XX.00.XX)
Area:Navigation Tools
Original Author:Alistair Lobo, Bentley Product Advantage Group


When a large project is being modeled, it becomes difficult to change the view direction manually every time for inspecting the model. In such scenario, the user can set the view orientation to any one of the pre-existing Isometric Overviews or set up a custom one.

This document will guide you on how set up a custom view orientation in the Isometric Overview for ProStructures CONNECT Edition.


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1) Navigate to Steel > View > ACS View > Isometric Overview 1 and click on that tool. 

2) Now you model will be oriented in accordance to the view associated with ‘Isometric Overview 1’

3) After this, you can set your model to the view orientation of your choice by using the ‘Rotate View’ tool.

4) Now, right click anywhere in the empty space of the model and select ‘Options’.

5) The ‘ProStructures Options’ dialog box opens, here you need to select the ‘Configuration / Isometric Views’ and then click on the arrow beside ‘Iso 5’. This will save your desired current view orientation to ‘Isometric Overview 5’. Say OK.

6) After this, in the model when you select the Isometric Overview 5 from the ACS View section, the model will get oriented to your desired view as you had last saved it.

In this manner, you can set up a custom isometric view according to your desired view orientation in the CONNECT Edition of ProStructures. 

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