Internal reference model not found after renaming

 Version:v8i, CONNECT

Problem Description

When a non-default model is attached as a reference internally within its own file, and that non-default model is then renamed, after saving and reopening the file, the non-default model is missing or not found as an attachment


When a reference is attached, there is certain data written to the file. With a normal external reference, the file name and model name are written to the file. However, if the reference being attached is an internal non-default model, the file name is left blank (when written to file) and only the model name is written. Therefore if the file is renamed, the models will still be found, but if the model is renamed, it is treated as a normal external reference and will not be found. If the reference being attached is the internal default model, both the file name and the model name are left blank (when written to file), so the default model can be renamed and still be found.

Steps to Resolve

Option 1. Browse to correct model after reopening file

  1. Once file is reopened and attachment of non-default model is not found, open References dialog
  2. Double-click on the missing reference name
  3. In Attachment Settings, change to the correct name in the Model drop down field
  4. Click OK and rename non-default model - attachment should redisplay

Option 2. Select renamed model before reopening file

  1. After renaming the non-default model in question, open the References dialog
  2. Find the non-default model attachment and double-click to open the Attachment settings
  3. In the Model drop down field, select another model name
  4. Go to Model field again and reselect the renamed non-default model
  5. Click OK, save and then close and reopen file
  6. Renamed non-default model should be displayed

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 Original Author:Conor King