How to create a customized network workspace environment

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: Basic Settings
Original Author:Holly Herring, Bentley Technical Support Group



How do I create a customized network workspace environment?


This document steps through how to do this:

The following steps come from the training module, OpenRoads Designer Workspace Setup: Step 2 - Preparing the Folder Structure.

First, understand the folder structure. There are three levels to the workspace: Organization, Workspace, Workset. All of these are found within this folder structure, unless changed by the user: C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE\Configuration\Organization-Civil

Steps to create customized network workspace:

  1. Create a folder within the Server location with a name for the main folder structure, such as Root Workspace Location

  2. Within this folder (Root Workspace Location), create a folder called Configuration.

  3. Go to C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE\Configuration

    • Copy the three folders (Organization, Organization-Civil, and WorkSpaces)

    • Paste them into the Configuration folder on the server

  4. Open WorkSpaceSetup.cfg within C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE\Configuration

    • Add a line defining MY_CIVIL_ORGANIZATION_ROOT to point to the server location of the Organization-Civil path.

    • Add a line defining MY_WORKSPACES_LOCATION to point to the server location of the WorkSpaces path.

    • Save changes.

  5. Go to Organization-Civil folder on the server. Decide if you are going to create an Imperial or Metric environment.

    • Copy and paste the _OpenRoads Training-Imperial or _OpenRoads Training-Metric folder and configuration file.

    • Rename the folder and cfg file to the Organization Level name, such as Corporate Standards.

  6. Open Corporate Standards.cfg

    • Change line 12 to the units you chose.

  7. Open the WorkSpaces folder on the server

    • Copy and paste either the Imperial or Metric Standards folder and cfg

    • Rename both to a WorkSpace of the same name, such as DOT Standards

  8. Open the new WorkSpace cfg file (DOT Standards.cfg)

    • Add a line defining CIVIL_ORGANIZATION_NAME as the Organization Level name

    • Save and close

  9. Open OpenRoads Designer to see how it loads the Organizational level and allows the user to choose a specific Workspace and create/choose a WorkSet.

    • Under File > Settings > Configuration > About Configuration it will show where the WorkSpace and WorkSet are pointing