Placing Connections to Shape End without any support member

Version(s):CONNECT / V8i
Subarea:Connection Center
Original AuthorSandip Kar, Bentley Product Advantage Group


While Beam to Beam or Beam to Column connection is done via native tools like Web Angle connection, End Plate Connection, Shear Plate Connection etc., there is always one support member and one connecting member. But in some scenario, it needs to apply connection at the end of shape with out having any support member. So in that case also the connection can be achieved. This document will explain how to apply connection at Shape End without any support member.


Please follow the below steps.

1. For the sake of explanation, we have here three example for applying Shear, End and Web Angle connection. 

Here in this example you can see at the shape end the Web Angle Connection and End Plate connection is applied when support members are not there.

2. Go to Steel Workflow > Home > Steel Connections and click on Web Angle. It will ask you to "Identify Shape". Select the Shape and then it will ask you "Identify support shape".
Do left click again at the end, you want connection and you will see the Web Angle connection is applied. In similar way you can also place connection at the other end of the same beam.

3. Like the above method you can also place Web Angle connection to the other beam. It is very simple to do and you can do it.

SO in this way one can place connection at shape end without any Support members.