Error - "database is used by another user" when creating parts database path

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Version(s):through 08.11.12.xx
 Area:Administration Features

Error or Warning Message

During the creation of a parts database path, the following error message appears when the Next button is clicked to go to the field mapping step:

The database is used by another user.


This message has been found to occur when the default parts database paths, named "ansi-ieee_parts_database" and "iec_parts_database", have been deleted from the setup configuration.  The only way to do this is by directly editing the setup.xml file since the [[Setup]] dialog does not allow these paths to be deleted.

This is a different situation than what causes the problem described in the [[Error - .MDB file in use or locked by another user]] article.

How to Avoid

Do not remove the sections related to "ansi-ieee_parts_database" or "iec_parts_database" from the setup.xml file. There is usually no reason to directly edit the setup.xml file.

How to Resolve

  1. Make note of the settings on the [[Setup]] dialog.

  2. Close the software.
  3. Replace the setup.xml file with one from a workstation without the issue.  The setup.xml file is located in the "Config" subfolder of the program data folder.
    [[Program data folder - promis.e]]
    [[Program data folder - Substation]].

  4. Start the software and change the settings on the Setup dialog to match those noted in step 1.

See Also

[[Error - .MDB file in use or locked by another user]]

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