Error Message Installing SS3/SS4 Civil Product: "A supported version of MicroStation must be install

Product(s):InRoads, MX, GEOPAK
Area: Basic Settings
Original Author:Jacquelyn Pettus, Bentley Technical Support Group



The following error message is returned when attempting to install InRoads/GEOPAK/MX SS3 or SS4 refresh:  "A supported version of MicroStation must be installed before continuing this installation. Please read the <Product Name> requirements for this version."


Please make sure that you have the correct version of MicroStation installed for the civil product you are attempting to install.  The required platform version is listed below:

Civil Product VersionMicroStation Version

These MicroStation versions can be downloaded from our Software Fulfillment website.  You will find them listed as a prerequisite for the civil products.