When a V7 cell library is updated in V8 some cells do not contain any elements



When a MicroStation V7 cell library is upgraded in MicroStation V8 certain cells will not contain any elements.


The problem is caused by referenced models. Each nested cell inside another cell in the V7 cell library ends as a model in the V8 library. Since the elements are referenced they do not exist and therefore they will not show up. There are three ways of correcting this.

1. Merge all of the referenced models in each of the models, so that all the elements that were part of the V7 cell, now exist in the master model.

2. Go to Edit > Select All and select all of the elements copy them into the model and then detach the references.

3. Recreate the original cell that is nested and this will then update the rest of the cells that have this cell nested.

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 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group