OBM: Deck slab voids or drains

Between the new enhancements in OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 8.2, v10.08.02.45, from August 2020, one of the features is the possibility to allow users to modify OBM Objects. So, now users are able to edit solid elements and create deck slab voids.

For any modifications user has to follow the steps below:

1. Change the usual working workflow to the Modeling Workflow

2. Use the Modify options at the current Home main tab, and select the Modify Solid; or, into the Features options, there is a more complete Hole feature where the user needs to identify the solid and the format cutting base, by using any drawn reference lines, or the size.

For example, the user can go to the Plan View and draw a circle to use with the Cut Solid with Curve with the Inside Method and Cut Mode Thru Profile, as shown in the images below. The same can be done similarly in the Vertical plan to the abutment.

PS  OBM-Void communities.bentley.com/.../274728

Despite it being a handy feature, for placing inspection manholes, and holes in a drainage system, with open slots, scuppers, inlets, and extension storm drain pipes, there are associated disadvantages. Therefore, caution should be used with these editions of elements and it is a best practice that this is limited to only small portions. For example, all quantities are not updated and only the original Bridge objects are considered without any additional chamfers or cuts in these elements.

Check more information in the video at the link below in our OBM YouTube channel.