Graphics card issues

ApplicationPLAXIS 2D
VersionPLAXIS 2D
Date created27 April 2012
Date modified27 April 2012

Plaxis programs use hardware acceleration for graphical display of the (3D) Input model and the 2D and 3D Output of results by using the graphics card and OpenGL (minimum version 3.3).
It could happen, especially with older graphics cards and/or older graphics card drivers that someone encounters problems, like some of these error messages:

This means there is something wrong with the graphic card: either a software issue in the drivers or needed memory on the graphics card is not available.

First, try to update your graphic card drivers:

When the error still appears in Output, there are two settings that may solve this:

  1. Switch off anti-aliasing: Start output without opening a project from the start menu, and go to Settings (F10) to switch off Anti-Aliasing. Now try opening a project again.
  2. Change the rendering method: in the same Settings Window, lower the speed of rendering