Delete a connection in the iTwin Synchronizer Client

Delete a connection 

You can delete a connection by using the Delete action. 


At the moment, you can make these edits to an iModel when deleting a connection:

  1. Delete a connection but keep already synchronized changes. This will stop future file synchronization, but will not delete the existing changes from an iModel.
  2. Delete a connection along with synchronized changes from an iModel. This will stop future synchronization and will delete those files' data from an iModel. 

NOTE: Connection that defines the geocoordinate system can not be deleted.

Once the user selects the Delete option, the user is provided with the modal dialog as shown below 


On click of Delete button on the dialog, the status of the delete process is displayed.



Once the changes from the iModel and the local connection are successfully deleted, user will the see the success message and two buttons as below.