Tension cut-off for Soft Soil (Creep) and UDSM interfaces

ApplicationPLAXIS 2D
Issue statusOpen
First Affected VersionPLAXIS 2D 2011.00
PLAXIS 3D 2012.00
Found in VersionPLAXIS 2D 2011.00
PLAXIS 3D 2012.00
Fixed and Released in Version
Issue #373161 (SW-15553)
Date created23 July 2013
Date modified19 January 2022

Problem description

For most soil models with a Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion, a tension cut-off option with a tensile strength value is available in order to limit the (effective) tensile stress.
However, for the constitutive models mentioned below, these edit fields for the tension cut-off in the material database are not available:


The tension cut-off option is available in the material dataset and is correctly used in the calculation for:

The issue with the UDSM interface tension cut-off is not resolved yet.

Workaround for versions prior to PLAXIS CONNECT Edition Version 22
If the user wants to control and set the value for the tension cut-off to a different one for Soft Soil Creep (in Versions 2D2012.0 and earlier and 3D2012.02 and earlier), or for the User Defined Soil Model interface parameters, this trick can be used:

  1. When having an already defined soil model, remember the parameters for the soil model.
  2. Change the soil model to e.g. Mohr-Coulomb
  3. Go to the parameters tab, and set the values for the tension cut-off
  4. Now switch back to the original soil model (Soft Soil Creep or UDSM) and set all parameters correct again.

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