Q. How to Download, Install, and License AutoPIPE V8i ATS and lower?

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How to Install, License, and Update AutoPIPE V8i ATS v. and lower?



1. It is assumed that before installing an AutoPIPE ATS (Automatic Test Set) that the respective version of AutoPIPE has already been installed.

2.  The ATS software version must match the AutoPIPE software version. You CANNOT mix the versions of these applications as the test results will be considered invalid.

3. All applications must be installed from the CD that was sent to you by the Bentley QA&R manager on the computer where the application is to be installed. Any other method will void certification under the QA&R program.

Step #1: Install AutoPIPE ATS:

Select the correct Hyperlink below:

a. AutoPIPE V8i ATS

Step #2: Set-up Licensing

There is no specific license required to run AutoPIPE's ATS application. Only a valid AutoPIPE License in LMT (License Management Tool) is required.

Step #3: Before Running the ATS

Before running the ATS suggest the following:

1. Highly suggested to Read the following documents:

Select Start> All Programs> Bentley Engineering> AutoPIPE V8i ATS

a. ATS Documentation (ap_doc.pdf)

b. Read1st.ATS (dos text file)

2. Start AutoPIPE

3. Select File> License Configuration

4. Select the version of AutoPIPE (Standard, Advanced, or Nuclear)  that you have a valid license for in LMT (License Management Tool) to be used while running the ATS. Warning - different versions of AutoPIPE will run a different sets of models during the ATS. 

5. At the bottom of the License Configuration, uncheck "Show Welcome Screen on Start Up"

6. Press OK button.

7. Select Help> AutoPIPE News..

8. At the bottom of the dialog, uncheck "Show news at startup".

9. Press OK button to close dialog

10. Run AutoPIPE ATS as needed.

Step #5: Update AutoPIPE ATS

Different versions of AutoPIPE ATS (Automatic Test Set) are not meant to be installed side-by-side. The proper procedure is use typical Windows steps to remove the previous version of the AutoPIPE's ATS application and install the newer version of AutoPIPE's ATS with the directions provided above.

If multiple versions of ATS need to be installed side-by-side, see the workaround here.

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