02-03.a2: Example 2 - After import, how to fix piping that are not all connected?

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Given the following was found after importing a model into another:

How to correctly connect T00 to M05 so they it forms a 90 degree long radius bend?


Recommend the following steps:

1. Review the model from other points of view to fully understand the geometry issue. 

2. Two things must occur:

a. The vertical segment must be shorten by the correct amount

b. The horizontal segment must be lengthen / connected to the TIP of the bend.

The question is by how much for each. Hint - let AutoPIPE perform the math.

3.  Under Tools> Model Options> Edit> Set "Digits after decimal for coordinates" = 4 (max value).

Also, if using English units, set "Use feet-inches display format" = enable check box ON.

4. At this point most user will be tempted to use the Measure Distance tool as it provides both Dx-Dy-Dz and total direct dist. That would be acceptable in most cases, however note that the accuracy of the measure tool is only 2 decimal places

There is a better method that is more accurate.

5. Select M05 as the current point in the model, Select Insert> Run> Set "Name of Point" = T00 (point name where run is to be connected too).

And press OK button.

6.  Got to the Points Tab of the input grids for details on delta distances from M05 to T00:

7. Press the undo button 1 time to undo the insert run command. 

8. The vertical run needs to be shortened by 4.3116" in the -ve vertical direction. Therefore, make M05 the current point in the model. Insert > Run>  set "Add Point Before/After" = Before, Length = 4.3116"

9. Delete node point M05

10. Make M06 (new point inserted) the current node point, Insert> Run > Set "Name of point" = T00 and press the Tab keyboard key, and then press the OK button to close the Run dialog screen. 

11. Make M06 the current point, Modify> Convert Point to> select "Bend" from the listing.

12. Done the 2 segments are now connected at a right angle with a 80 deg long rad bend


a. In this example there were 2 different size pipes, additional modifications are needed but the exercise of connecting the 2 pipe runs at the TIP point of a bend was successful.   


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