Move from any point to specific coordinate

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 Area: Manipulation
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 Original Author:Henricus Ligtvoet, Bentley Technical Support Group


Move from any point to specific coordinate

How to move an element, selection or reference from any point to a
specific coordinate while keeping other coordinates unchanged?

An identified point needs to move to a specific Z-coordinate point, the
X-coordinate and Y-coordinate should remain unchanged.


Use precision keyin xy=x,y,z and #

Instead of the value, use a # to specify the coordinates that should not

To move from an identified point to Z-coordinate = 150, the following
steps needs to be followed:

1. Select the element(s) that needs to be moved*
2.  Activate the move command or the move reference command
3. Identify and accept the point to move from (use AccuSnap or Tentative
4. Enter: xy=#,#,150
with AccuDraw active press letter: P to open the Data Point Input
window or use the keyin window (Utilities>Keyin)

Notice that the identified point is now at Z=150 and that the X and Y
coordinates are unchanged.

The # character tells MicroStation to leave the coordinate(s) for which
it is used unchanged.

General format of the xy= keyin as you may know is:
xy=X-coordinate value,Y-coordinate value,Z-coordinate value

(no spaces allowed between the coordinate values, values are separated
by a comma).

*it is also possible to specify the selection after the command is

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