B.01. Soil Overburden and Seismic Wave Propagation in AutoPIPE

Note: The Tutorial document is copied to the hard drive when AutoPIPE 09.05.xx.xx and higher is installed. The folder location is:

C:\Bentley\AutoPIPE V8i SELECTseries\Documents\Tutorial - Soil Overburden and Seismic Wave Propagation in AutoPIPE.pdf

Otherwise, please see the following link to download the file:


Important: Do not just read the document. Highly suggested that you actually perform this procedure in AutoPIPE with the "SOILOVERBURDEN_1.DAT" file in the C:\Bentley\AutoPIPE V8i SELECTseries\examples folder. To better understand the process.   

Comments, Questions, and Answers about the tutorial document:

Item #1:

Question 1, does the user have to manually add this temperature to a temperature case or is it generated automatically by the program through the “Generate Seismic Thermal Load Case dialog box”?


Please see the document:

Tutorial - Soil Overburden and Seismic Wave Propagation in AutoPIPE.pdf

See the section labeled "Seismic Thermal Load" section:

This step in the procedure will calculate the DT value that is displayed on the Soil properties dialog below:

After applying all the correct Seismic Wave Data for all the soil properties, the next section of the pdf, "Seismic Thermal Load" provides instructions on how to apply these DT values to the model.


Example, the information above, Select Load> Seismic Thermal Load...> In the pink shaded area of the above image, select the Thermal load case (T1..T100) that will be modified to become the Seismic Thermal load case. 

In the yellow shaded area of the above image, select the soil property that contains the correct DT to be applied for this Seismic thermal load case.

After pressing Apply, OK buttons on this dialog, T1 load case will be will automatically update to 73.368 deg F across all node points that are assigned with Soil Id = APIP_H.

Item #2:

Question: My model does nto contain a SAM case, can I still analyze the system using the procedure outlined in the, C:\Bentley\AutoPIPE V8i SELECTseries\Documents\Tutorial - Soil Overburden and Seismic Wave Propagation in AutoPIPE.pdf, document?


Yes and No,

You can use the document verbatim, however in section "Run Analysis and Open Buried Pipe Result Options dialog":

In order to activate the Display seismic + thermal combination in code compliance, both Thermal case used for seismic wave propagation load and SAM case combined with seismic wave propagation must have valid cases selected.

Therefore, you must have valid cases selected on the Tools> Model Options>  Buried Pipe Results Options> Adam Et Al tab as shown below in yellow highlight. Otherwise, if either one or both of Thermal case or SAM case are not specified (i.e. set to none), the "Display seismic + thermal combinations in code compliance" option cannot be checked resulting in no code combination "WavePr+Sam".

The "Seismic induced axial force" and "Seismic induced moments" from the ADAMS ET. AL. equations provide the induced axial forces and moments in the piping system from both wave propagation and seismic anchor motions. These two effects are required input to meet the Adam Et Al equation requirements. 


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