STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Installation

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Version(s):CONNECT Edition
Area:STAAD.Pro Download/Installation/Security/Performance
Original Author:Aaradhya Rahate, Bentley Technical Support Group

This article provides step-by-step instructions for successfully installing STAAD Pro.

  1. In an Explorer window, double-click the STAAD .Pro setup executable.

The STAAD. Pro Installation Wizard opens.

  1. (Optional) To change the location where STAAD. Pro is installed, either: type a folder path in the Installation Directory field


click the Browse button () next to Installation Directory field. In the Browse For Folder dialog that opens, browse to the drive and folder where you want to install STAAD. Pro, then click OK.

3.To read the End-User Licensing Agreement (EULA), click the Licensing Agreement

The End-User Licensing Agreement opens in a web browser.

4.After reading the license agreement, turn on the I accept the End User Licensing Termscheck box if you understand and agree to the License Agreement Terms and Conditions.

Note that agreeing to the license agreement is required in order to install the product. Checking this box displays the Install button at the bottom of the wizard.

5.(Optional) Select the features which you want included in this installation.

By default, all features are selected. Some are required and may not be unselected.

6.Click InstallThe installer downloads and installs the selected component features.

Note: If Windows prompts you with a User Account Control dialog, click Yes to proceed.

7.Click Finish.

A program group is created for this product.

To avoid any confusion, you click on below Link  and refer Video of installation.

 STAAD.Pro Connect Edition