Creating categories for symbols

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
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Organization is the key!

Many times, it is possible that one can end up creating zillion symbols in a catalog. Although Substation does provide the ability to search through them, making categories can make life much easier.

In this article a new category for Circuit Breaker will be created and some symbols added to it. The catalog used will be ABB that comes preloaded with Substation CONNECT Update 1. The procedure however is generic and will apply to any catalog and symbol.

Steps to Accomplish:

Create new category

1. Open [[Catalog Manager]]

2. Expand the ABB catalog

3. Right Click on ABB and select New Category from the context menu

4. Name the New Category as Circuit Breaker and then click OK

It can be seen that the new category has been added below Families

Add symbols to the category

1. Expand the Symbols from the ABB catalog

The first three symbols in the catalog are Power Circuit Breakers.

2.Select the three circuit breaker symbols, drag and drop them in the Circuit Breaker category

3. Select the Circuit Breaker category to see the newly added symbols.

The category information can also be seen under the category column.


See Also

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 Original Author:Sarvesh Kulkarni