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How to add a new user


There are 2 way to do this, the easiest being to make a copy of an existing user.  To do this query back the user and then click the 'toolbar' where another box will pop up where you click 'copy user' Now enter the new user details and click copy.  The other way to do this is to manually add each of the details in the users form.  To do this you would click the Green + to add new record.  Then enter the users details including the roles which you want your user to have access too.

If the user will be using TMA, then once set up you then need to add the street groups to the new user and also the organisation and district.  

  1. To add the organisation and district:  
    • Go to Exor > Street Gazetteer Manager > Administration > Administer user district.  
    • Find the user and highlight them.  
    • In the bottom part of the form add the organisation and district the user will need and click set as current. You can add more than one and the user can then switch between these when necessary.
  2. To add the street group:
    • Go to Exor > TMA > Reference data > Administration > User Street Groups. 
    • Use the drop down on the top left to select the new user.  
    • Then use the > arrow to click the groups from left column to the right.  
    • The user will be able to see anything in the right hand column

How to reset a Password

Once a Login has been created a password may have to be reset.  To do this query the user back in the User form, if their account says Locked click the green + to unlock it, then click into the Password field and Manually change the password and click save.  This will overwrite the existing password.

If after trying this you get problems then please log a Service Request for Bentley to assist you.

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