The suite of measure tools in Design Review were designed to allow you to verify and validate that objects are designed to intended specifications. This section covers the different ways you can measure in Design Review.

The Measurement Tool contain with another set of tools which allows a user to measure distance, area, XYZ coordinates, Latitude, Longitude and Altitude of defined point in the model. Although, in the bottom right of the screen 'The Measurement Panel' appear which show more detailed information about the measurements that are currently selected.

 Measure Distance

Measures the distance between 2 specified points.

The Measurements panel will show Distance, Run, Rise, Slope and Start & End Coordinates. 

 Measure Area

Measures the area of the specified shape. Users can manually draw an area of any size and shape. 

The Measurement Panel will show Area, Area XY, Perimeter and Edge Count. The Area XY value is the 2D area of the defined shape as if a shadow was projected directly down on the XY Plane.

 Measure LocationProvides details about the specified point in the model. The Measurement panel will show the XYZ Coordinates, Latitude, Longitude and Altitude. If the selected point is on a surface (not edge or vertex) the instantaneous slope at the selected point will also be shown.
 Measure RadiusAllows the user to measure a radius by drawing 3 points to define the desired circle. The Measurement panel will show Radius, Arc Length and total Circle Circumference.
 Measure AngleAllows the user to measure an angle by drawing 3 points to define the angle to be measured.
 Clear MeasurementThe Clear Measurement button will remove all measurements that are currently active on the screen. 
 Share MeasurementAny selected measurements can be added to the Shared Measurements Layer by clicking the Share Measurement button. This allows measurements to be shared with all users to reduce the need for common measurements to be taken by each reviewer.

Measurement Panel

The measurement panel will appear in the bottom right of the screen for any measurements that are currently selected. The measurement panel will show more detailed information about the measurements that have been taken.