Export to Sign Inventory


OpenRoad SignCAD 2023




Original Author: 

Bentley Global Technical Support 

The instructions and video below provide the new workflow for saving signs to inventory in OpenRoads SignCAD by using the Export to Sign Inventory option that generates .sgn, .bmp, and .json files of the active file.

Step 1:  Open the SGN file.

a. Select Browse. 

b. Select the SGN file and click Open.

Step 2:  Pick the File tab to go to the Backstage. Select the Export > Sign Inventory option.

Step 3:  In the Export Sign Inventory dialog, browse to the location where you want to save the files (.sgn, .bmp & .json), enter a File name and press Save.


Step 4:  The saved file with the new File name will display as the active file. In File Explorer, browse to the location where the files were saved. You should see the .sgn, .bmp and .json files in that location.